After having a break from London, AM was very happy to return to a lot of fresh pieces. Phlegm has been painting the walls of The Foundry with his impressive comic book characters, Kid Acne has put up one of his excellent paste-ups which is especially nice, and it was also great to see that Mobstr had been out and about again with one of his thought provoking stencil messages.

Also a great wall by artist David Shillinglaw who currently has a show at East Gallery, some work from Elph and Lyken at Holywell carpark and a sexy piece on Great Eastern Street by Toasters, Zime and Sektie. It was also wonderful to catch sight of a brilliant stencil by Xylo on the cycle lane which was a favourite on Instagram this week.

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Phlegm at Regents Canal

Kid Acne, Ema, ASVP


David Shillinglaw

Toasters, Zime and Sektie




El Mac