Sweet Toof and Smells

Sweet Toof seems to be the unintentional focus for AM this week.  Seeing his work on shutters, walls and wheels he certainly has been getting about.  Definitely a favourite, was seeing his new piece on Bethnel Green Road with Brooklyn graffiti artist, Smells, a real winner.

A nice addition to the trackside was added by Rowdy next to some great rollers by Horror. There was more painting again this week from Malarky, collaborating either with Billy, Mr Penfold or Sweet Toof, always a pleasure to see. We also caught sight of INSA painting the side of Protein Gallery and we were intrigued by a nice piece on Brick Lane, of which seems to be the work of artist Olive47, going to keep eyes open for more of this.

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Rowdy and Horror




Malarky and also an old Kid Acne art fag to the side


Sweet Toof and Billy


Mr Penfold and Malarky


Sweet Toof


Malarky and Billy


INSA in progress


Sweet Toof and Malarky


Dale Grimshaw Pasteup





Public Spirit


Believed to be by Olive47

You catch more photos during the week on Sarah’s Instagram feed.