This summer saw TrustoCorp truly spread their satirical wings with smart and assertive street interventions on both coasts, critiquing the ugliness of pop culture with signature wry wit and multiple campaigns in Los Angeles and New York. In perhaps their most humorous, most direct, and most popular intervention to date, a series of faux trash mags were planted at news stands in and around airports in LA and NYC. Now, as fall is about to set in, the Brooklyn-based collective once again targets vanity and celebrity in their own unique way, with the transformation of a gas station in their home borough into a Drive Through Liposuction facility. In a first of its kind, never has losing weight been so quick, convenient, and only 25 cents. Kirstie Alley take notice. When you gain the weight back, just head to BKNY and thank TrustoCorp later.

Check out some detail shots, especially that of the “Lipo-Vac”, after the jump.

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