"Jamboree" (2011) 46" x 46"

Last showing a striking, large scale painting at Art HK back in May, Japanese contemporary artist Masakatsu Sashie is this time participating in a group exhibition in his home country. Moon, which opened on the 28th, saw a slight departure from the artist’s signature orb paintings, or perhaps more accurately a return of sorts to the hybrid machine compositions more relevant to the his early work. Both of the paintings, especially that of the large ship-inspired Jamboree, resembled themes revitalized during his last solo, De Facto Standard. The show is being held at Zipangu in Osaka and will run through Monday, October 10th. Unfortunately, those in the West won’t be provided the opportunity to see Sashie’s work in person for quite some time still, with another group show in Beijing this December as well as a Spring 2012 solo at Mizuma Gallery in Tokyo. At the very least, you can expect AM to continue bringing you coverage of Sashie’s potent and quirky paintings for your viewing pleasure.

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"Monster in Black" (2011) 9.5" x 13"

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