ASKEW in Los Angeles

Because the scope of coverage here on AM of street murals & graffiti is steadily expanding, we will be doing a weekly roundup of new work (or work that has not been featured in their own individual articles yet) from around the world. Some of these would have been previously mentioned in our weekly Overtime articles, but since this particular sort of news is so image-based, we will be isolating them out into a separate series for your enjoyment.

For our first installment, we focus on ASKEW (Los Angeles), Shok-1 (Italy), DAL (Paris), Know Hope (Tel Aviv), D*Face (London), ICY + SOT (Iran), Philippe Baudelocque (Paris), Gaia (New York), and Sam3 (France) with the photo credits linked in. More after the jump…

SHOK-1 mural for Rigenerarte Festival in Ravenna, Italy.

DAL - No Surrender

Know Hope - Committed and Conned

D*Face for Moniker Art Fair in London.

ICY + SOT in Tabriz, Iran.

Philippe Baudelocque in Paris.

Gaia - Fighting Bulls ( On 1st Ave between 6th and 7th Streets, Manhattan)

Sam3 in Besançon. Photo by David Demougeot.