Josh Keyes

The last 5 years has been hard in the art world for all involved, especially if you are a gallerist. So, it’s welcome news that Breeze Block Gallery are due to eulogize their 5 year existence with a group show that celebrates their history with a selection of artists previously hosted throughout the 60 or so exhibitions shown by the Portland gallery on December 1st.

The big ticket is undeniably Josh Keyes, and this new 20×24 inch piece featured above is entitled The Collector. Keyes seems to be branching out in his oeuvre of animalia with recent works, and this wonderfully detailed piece is his first use of a rhino. Up until his last couple of showings his subjects have been limited to North American native species. Perhaps this current exploration of species in habitats alien to their natural environment signals a further consideration of how Josh’s vision of a post apocalyptic world may appear?

The full roster of artists includes Meg Adamson, Sean Barton, Kevin Bouton-Scott, Ryan Bubnis, Conrad Carlson, Brandon Chuesy, Sara Golden, Jay Howell, Bryce Kanights, Cole Kemp, Samahra Little, Tim Kerr, Josh Keyes, Melissa Loop, Justin Lovato, Joshua Petker, Natalie Phillips, Jeff Proctor, Sam Rodriguez and Stephen Scott Smith. The show looks well curated to us here at AM as a whole, so take a look at some more preview images after the jump.

Joshua Petker

Cole Kemp

Sean Barton


Melissa Loop

Cole Kemp

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