Eric White and Allegra LaViola

Now showing at the Allegra LaViola Gallery on Manhattan’s lower east side is a dynamic group show entitled Die Like You Really Mean It. The exhibition, curated by painters Paul Brainard and Frank Webster, assembles a wide range of more than 20 contemporary artists in the New York City area, including Eric White, Eddie Martinez and Kristen Schiele. Painting is clearly the focus – nearly all of the works are of the medium, but also the diversity of styles and themes of painting suggests that the curators intend for viewers to examine and contemplate the strengths and constraints of the medium itself. Die Like You Really Mean It is up until Dec. 3.

Also showing in Allegra LaViola’s lower gallery is PDF, a group show curated by Patrick Gantert presenting a collection of works that are discreet, yet temporary. Most of pieces are sculptural or installation, constructed from objects as mundane or ubiquitous as PDFs themselves, but like the file format, contain hidden information.

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Eric White

Eddie Martinez

Paul Brainard

Frank Webster

Kristen Schiele