This week’s street work roundup around the globe starts with some new public art in London from Von, who recently released his Semblance collector’s box set. Other pieces seen after the jump include one from Gaia (London), Jen Stark (Florida), Stinkfish (Columbia), Btoy (Portugal), Pixel Pancho (Mexico), RETNA (Miami), Roa & Resto (Netherlands), and a couple possible Banksy’s in London.

See it all after the jump…

Pixel Pancho - "Robot Invasion" in Mexico City.

Jen Stark piece on the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art.

Stinkfish on Providencia Island in Columbia.

Btoy for the Wool Festival in Covilhã, Portugal. Photo from Unurth.

Gaia - "Carrier Pidgeon" in London. Photo by Aaron Wojack.

RETNA in Miami. Photo from Streetartnews.net.

ROA & Resto in Heerlen, Netherlands.

Possible Banksy in Hammersmith, London. Photo by Butterfly.

Possible Banksy in London. Photo by Butterfly.