Over the weekend, an exhibition of prints and small scale multiples by Keith Haring closed in New York at Pace Prints. Haring believed in and was fascinated by the process of printmaking and in the course of his career produced over 60 limited editions on paper using a variety of methods including lithograph, silk-screen, etching, embossing and aquatint. The prolific artist also created editions in aluminum, wood, concrete and terracotta, several of which were also on view.

The exhibition also included a special Pop Shop installation, which we have also seen recreated for a museum show. Haring considered it an extension of his work and founded the original one in 1986 for downtown Manhattan (which operated for nearly 20 years) as well as created one in Tokyo. This newest iteration features floor-to-ceiling murals, artwork, and pieces from two of the Keith Haring Foundation’s recent collaborations.

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Photos via the gallery and Lois Stavsky.
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