Chris Kenny: 'Untitled (fuck off)' (detail). 2011. Mixed media collage with found text. England & Co, London

On Tuesday, AM attended the opening of London Art Fair, an event that focuses on modern British and contemporary art, held at the Business Design Centre in Islington. In terms of overall presentation, the most attractive and cohesive booth for us this year is by London’s Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert, featuring works by Bridget Riley, Anthony Caro and Kenneth Armitage. Also on display by the gallery are six remarkable David Dawson photographs of the late Lucian Freud in his studio, dating from 2007 to 2011. This is Dawson’s third and final set of photos depicting Freud; his two previous sets were released and exhibited in 2004 and 2006.

London Art Fair runs until Sunday 22 January.  In the first of two posts, see some of the works that caught our eye. More images after the jump.

Chris Kenny: 'Untitled (fuck off)'

Shani Rhys James: 'Late Summer'. 2011. Oil on linen. Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff

Simon Casson: 'Blissom III' (top) & 'Blissom I'. Oil on canvas. Long & Ryle Gallery, London

Ha Young Kim: 'Malleable Humanity'. 2011. Acrylic on drafting film. Hoxton Art Gallery, London

Margo Trushina: 'Echo of the Space II'. 2010. Mirrored/polished stainless steel. The Contemporary London

Damien Hirst: 'Wondrous'. 2008. Butterfly with household gloss on canvas. Other Criteria, London

Presentation by Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert, London featuring photos by David Dawson, works by Bridget Riley, and sculptures by Anthony Caro and Kenneth Armitage

David Dawson: ‘Lucian Freud and Kate Moss in Bed’. 2010. Photographic print from the boxed set ‘Lucian Freud: Studio Life’. Note the work by Frank Auerbach on the wall to the left.

Bridget Riley: 'Series 12A, with its grey, in double reverse'. 1979. Gouache and graphite on paper. Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert, London

Art Hate: 'A Brief Survey of Art Hate Field Propaganda 1914-2012'. L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, London

Julie Cockburn: 'The Thinker'. 2011. Embroidery on found photograph. Photo50 exhibition

Hannah Harkes: 'Desert Picnic Imposter'. 2012. Linocut, acrylic and marker pen on paper. The Catlin Guide 2012

Meirion Ginsburg: 'Blue and Orange Shirt'. Oil on canvas. Agnew's Gallery, London

Emilia Sunyer: 'Fire'. 2010. Acrylic on canvas. Maddox Arts, London

Text and photographs by Patrick Nguyen.