Last night, New Image Art gallery unveiled the latest work by Australian artist Anthony Lister (interviewed). As we showed you earlier in the week with a video teaser (covered), he had been hard at work inside his studio preparing to unleash a new body of work. Now after visiting this exhibition, it’s safe to say that Lister has once again delivered a repertoire of artwork which clearly displays his unique and unmistakable style.

The night featured Lister’s thematic take on the ballerina as both an image of beauty and disfiguration. A variety paintings covered the gallery floor including works which featured different studies leading up to the final outcome. Also, two sculptures created by the artist were on display. On top of this artwork, hand-finished prints were made available, all of which came directly from the printing powerhouse Modern Multiples.

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Photo credit: ©Carlos Gonzalez for Arrested Motion.
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