Last time we saw Anthony Lister in Los Angeles, he painted a mural (covered) based on the film The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Now the Aussie artist is back in LA where he is preparing for his solo show at New Image Art (previewed). While here, he’s making the most of his time by also hitting up a Culver City location which is becoming a prominent mural spot for street artists as evidenced by walls from Herakut (covered), David Flores (covered), Cyrcle. (covered), Andrew Hem (covered) and most recently Dabs Myla (covered). Set up through Branded Arts, this new Lister mural took about three hours to complete and once again, it just goes to show the quickness and incredible technique that the artist continues to perfect.

For a closer look at the finished mural and at Lister’s creative process taking shape, check out the pictures after the jump…

Photo credit: ©Carlos Gonzalez for Arrested Motion.
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