When animals attack... Christa & Brandon go crazy on Instagram!

AM is in Hawaii and it’s the officially the first day of Pow Wow 2012. Similar to last year, we started the day on the North Shore and moved to Honolulu where artists and media took their first steps to getting the Loft in Space location ready for the big exhibition this Saturday. It was a cheerful mood as the Pow Wow alumnus reunited and new artists got introduced. With an expanded roster for this year’s event, the setup work is requires helpf from everyone. But before rolling up our sleeves, a Hawaiian “Pule” Blessing was held for the event and its participants. We also got a look at the set up for two new projects joining the event. First is the Day Job? photography exhibition curated by our friend & Hypebeast editor Eugene Kan and the second is a special Arkitip popup shop. Be sure to catch live updates on instagram by following PowWowHawaii and us here.

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Suitman returns...

Transform and Rollout...

Apparently perfect weather in Hawaii allowed the Occupy Movement to continue.

The calm before the storm

Patrick Martinez lights up the bar

Acai Bowl... breakfast of championsQ

Aaron De La Cruz pimps out the offical Pow Wow Mobile


Pow Wow Board Members


Arkitip pop-up space popping up...

Brandon and crew prepping for the Day Job photo exhibition

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