On the heels of Daniel Arsham’s exhibition the fall, the ball, and the wall that opened last month at OHWOW, we thought it worthwhile to bring your attention to an intriguing art project he produced not long ago in collaboration with Alex Mustonen. Previously collaborating together on the experimental installation and performance art exhibition DIG, the three-dimensionally inclined artists partner again here on Cast Light, a series of “lights” consisting of a single long-life LED bulb cast within a solid cubic volume of white gypsum cement (5 x 5 x 5 in), with a range of forms creating voids that reveal and conceal light. Hand formed and individually cast, each piece is unique, as is the formation of light that leaks from the asymmetrical opening. Marrying modern form with mechanical function, Cast Light is the ideal piece for spicing up the home light setup and is available online for $300 here.

To get a sense of the uniqueness of each piece, check out other samples from the series after the jump.

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