Recently, the Los Angeles-based art collective known as Cyrcle. were invited to take part in an exhibition named “Daydreaming With…The Hong Kong Edition” which brought together an incredible number of artists under one space all inspired by the music of legendary producer and musician James Lavelle aka U.N.K.L.E. Curated by both Lavelle and artist Simon Birch, the exhibition also included artists such as Doug Foster, Wing Shya, Li Wei, Cang Xin, Azzi Glasser, Futura, Shynola and visual artists from Black Dog Films such as Toby Dye and Jonas Akerlund. In preparation for the show, Cyrcle.┬ácame up with an art piece titled “The Attict” which touches upon Lavelle’s upbringing in the U.K. and the different factors that have influenced his career as a creative force in the music business. So here we have a behind the scenes look at the making of this piece and the journey that followed, all told from Cyrcle.‘s point of view.

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