A new artist here to AM this week for our Art Focus feature is also opening a show tonight, June 30th, at the Jonathan LeVine GalleryFulvio di Piazza is a Sicilian artist who specializes in surreal oil paintings, a selection of which, entitled Ashes to Ashes, will be on display at the New York showspace in his first solo exhibition in the United States. His current imagery includes fantastical volcanic landscapes with floating islands and re-shaped land masses forming heads & creatures, among other things – all rendered in a impressive level of detail and depth. This series was inspired by the by the 1980 book Entropy, written by an American economist named Jeremy Rifkin, in which he associates thermodynamic activity with sociological patterns of economic and environmental decline. The piece above is for the Unnatural-Natural History exhibition at the Royal Academy West of England opening in Bristol on July 14, while the images below are for the aforementioned NYC show opening tonight.

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