Expanding on our recent studio visit to give you a look on how Nick Walker crafted his The Morning After Paris canvas, we move even closer into creative process as the anticipated release of the print this Saturday at 2pm draws near (available only at Opera Gallery in Paris). So, if you’re in France get in cue early to get your shot at this super limited edition. If you’re outside of Paris, you still have a shot by emailing info (at) theartofnickwalker (dot) com with ‘TMA Paris Lottery’ in the subject line for the online lottery.

Unscripted and lazy are not exactly the words that come to mind after spending more time with Mr. Walker. Nick not only slaves away in his studio, but also is a compulsive workaholic when he’s on holiday. We took a look into this computer to discover that his last trip to France wasn’t all fun and games. In fact, much of it was spent “gaining access” onto various rooftops to find that perfect spot to catch the Eiffel Tower. Composition is a key component when it comes to placement of his vandal and the perspective which he seeks to convey to his audience. You think a few simple shots would do the trick, but Nick insists to use his own images and takes numerous photos of each subject and/or scenery to get it just right. Check out more behind the scenes photos of his recent trip to Paris below.

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