Artist Tom Sachs is famous for his D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) artistic sculptures where he recreates various modern icons and feats of engineering as seen in his most recent show at Sperone Westwater. With his most recent public art project, he showcases another dimension of his craftsmanship by demonstrating how his creative artwork actually works as intended. The New York-based artist recently took over the Park Avenue Armory with a show entitled Space Mission Mars.

The exhibition applies his signature bricolage technique utilizing simple everyday materials to an entire reproduction of the tools needed for a trip to the red planet. It’s pretty amazing the details he is able to engineer in the exploratory vehicles, mission control, launch platforms, suiting stations, special effects, recreational amenities, and even the Mars landscape that make up the exhibition. The most impressive part wasn’t just the artwork, but the actual “Demonstration” & “Endurance” tests. These full day walk through performances were intended to mimic a full launch, landing on Mars, exploration, and return to earth.¬†AM¬†recently had the opportunity to attend this exciting run-through with the artist. Check out a detailed look below.

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