This week’s video Rewind looks further into the world of Allison Schulnik as Beautiful/Decay and Visual Creatures pay a visit to the talented sculptor, painter, and animator’s studio. Schulnik, whose animation Mound we featured last December, talks about living and working in Los Angeles, how the different aspects of her work inform each other, the sad and fantastical creatures that fill her artistic vision, and more.

Other videos worth watching include:

  • Jack and Dinos Chapman’s installation in Grundy Art Gallery’s Adventureland Golf exhibition features Hitler.
  • Artnet interviews JR (in French).
  • Bruce Nauman’s One Hundred Fish Fountain installation at Gagosian Gallery’s Madison Avenue location.
  • Miranda Kerr bizarrely gives Terry Richardson a Vitamin B12 shot in the butt.
  • Video preview of Teo Moneyless’ show PER ASPERa AD ASTRA at Soze Gallery.
  • Momo for the Fame Festival.
  • Ben Eine in Uptown NYC (via Nuart).
  • Shepard Fairey on street art and his work for The Dallas Contemporary (via Wooster Collective).
  • Artist Michael Craig-Martin, the man who helped foster the development of the “Young British Artists”, discusses the early work of one of his most famous pupils, Damien Hirst on Tateshots (via hyde or die).
  • LOVE’s special Louis Vuitton Yayoi Kusama App (via Slamxhype).