Leading off this week’s summary of videos is this time-lapse (via Savage Habit) from the Volvo Switzerland as seven Chinese artists paint and repaint the new Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid. The event was held at the Zurich Main Station and featured the work of Shadow Chen, Wang Meng, Sally Zou, Honghua, Hua Tunan, Left, Shan Jiang & MEGAMUNDEN.

Other notable videos include:

  • A look at LX.ONE’s process(via Nuart).
  • Estevan Oriol interviewed by Label Pushers.
  • Avante/Garde Diaries’s video of Aaron Rose talks about art and Watts Tower (via Los Angeles, I’m Yours).
  • Bill Fick interview and print-making process footage (via Beautiful/Decay).
  • Street Art 101 from Shepard Fairey (via TWBE).
  • Birdman’s video for Dabs Myla’s “Break Night Lovers” at Known Gallery.
  • Marco Wenegger’s Graffiti Path System (via Nuart).