It looks like James Jean (featured) is back in Hong Kong where he will be launching his OVM line of jewellery and accessories in store at BLITZ Lane Crawford. To mark this occasion, a special collection of scarves, pouches and iphone veils has been designed by the gifted painter exclusively for the store. As a bonus for fans in HK, Jean is currently painting and creating an installation at the Canton Road location (see it live on USTREAM here) leading up the launch event on October 26 (630 pm). Also check out the rest of the imagery and story behind the “Velum” collaboration below.

“There is a ghost that lives in the glass house. She was known as Wellym long ago, since modernized to Velum, but her friends call her Vel for short. When she lived in the forest, her hair grew long and wild, and she subsisted on a diet of hibiscus, Angelica, black sesame, tear grass, and Mugwort. No rock or sharpened stick could cut her hair, so it grew and grew. Her hair grew so long and was so strong that it eventually rooted itself into the forest, turning into the trees, the rocks, and the streams. Each strand of hair was a nerve ending, so she could feel every breeze through the pines, every footfall on the rocks, every antler scrape on the bark, and every lightening strike. One day, a glass house appeared in the forest. Vel was entranced by the beauty of the house and wanted to live inside of it, protected from the rain, the wolves, and the sensations of the forest. But she was entangled in all that was around her. So she carved a comb out of bone and started brushing. She slowly worked each strand out of the soil, and, after many lifetimes, she was finally able to enter the glass house, close the door behind her, and embrace the silence.”

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