For those who have been following David Choe (featured) on various social media related accounts (like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook), you’ll have heard about his Reddit takeover already. For our readers out there who don’t know what Reddit is (like most of us at AM pre-Choe takeover), it’s a social news website where the users submit content in the form of either a link or a text which other users can then vote it up or down, thereby ranking the post and determining its position on the site’s pages and front page – apparently it’s where some of the viral stories and memes start out that eventually surface.

Anyways, one most popular Reddits is one where users prompt others to AMA (Ask Me Anything) which you can imagine would be very interesting when applied to Choe’s life especially with his lack of inhibition and “honesty.” He indeed took this to heart and took over – internet gangster style. Bringing together an eclectic crew of friends, associates, celebrities, and pseudo-celebrities including Bobby Hundreds (who we have to thank for these photos), porn stars (ie: Asa Akira and Jessie Andrews), Daniel Dae Kim, Kid Koala, Geoffrey from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Saber, Estevan Oriol, Dan the Automator, Stevie Janowski, KronDon the albino rapper, Bernie from Weekend At Bernies, Aubrey Plaza, a monkey, and much more.

Here was his introduction message – “My name is David Choe, I am a professional gambler, artist, ghost porn writer, vitamin distributor, motivational speaker, and pervert. I made hundreds of millions of dollars gambling, making art, and risking everything. Ask me anything.” Check out all the shenanigans here if interested.

Photo credit: Bobby Hundreds.
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