Tomorrow night, the Circleculture Gallery in Berlin will be hosting the opening for Jonathan Yeo’s new solo show entitled (I’ve Got You) Under My Skin. Building on his show in London in 2011 (covered), the UK-based painter known for his portraiture (sometimes done with “creative” collages), will be once again taking on the subject of cosmetic and plastic surgery and its place in modern society – or more simply “beauty and the endless search for perfection – the incredible price that some will pay to achieve it.”

One of the paintings that has been drawing attention from the press recently is a portrait of actress and model Sienna Miller, who has followed in the footsteps of Kate Moss and Demi Moore by posing naked for an artist while heavily pregnant. Including this piece in this body of work is explained by the British artist thusly- “I wanted an image that epitomised the human body in its most naturally beautiful state to make the sharpest possible contrast with my other paintings in this exhibition, which document patients undergoing cosmetic surgery in a bid to help them conform to societal notions of beauty.”

Via The Independent.
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