Last week, How & Nosm brought their outdoor graffiti talents from the streets into Jonathan LeVine Gallery’s brand new pop-up space in the heart of Chelsea. Entitled Late Confessions, this series of works are reflective of their unique multi-cultural heritage. Being born in Germany and growing up in Spain, the identical twin brothers reveal different parts of their past in the art that was produced for this exhibition. In addition to experiencing their signature color palette of red, grey and blacks, the twins pushed the boundaries with massive canvases and installations to show how dynamic they can be.

There were even more surprises as H & N took advantage of the space and built out multiple installation rooms. Another amazing surprise was a series of “art books” that was painted specifically for this show – they were definitely worth a thousand words and more as they reflected how meticulous and thoughtful they are when it comes to planning their artwork. It was a pleasure to see the completed show after getting an opportunity to peek in their progress few weeks ago as they were settling into the space and building towards this intense visual experience. The opening night drew over a thousand people as peers and friends from all over waited in the shivering NYC cold to get a chance to see this great show. Check out a detailed look below.

Photo credit: Joe Russo for Arrested Motion.
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