How & Nosm / Daze

Over the weekend, the Known Gallery unveiled the latest exhibit from New York based graffiti artists How & Nosm. Titled Achtung!, the show filled the gallery space to capacity as art aficionados were presented with more than 15 large scale paintings, more than 100 sketches & stencils, and a sculpture that sits in the middle of the gallery floor. The twins had arrived in Los Angeles last week and used the extra time to paint a large scale mural, but that project was simply a precursor to this show which showed a range and a style which they have perfected over the years. The artwork on display featured a sense of detail and complexity which is clearly different from other street art seen today. Ultimately, the show proved that the two brothers are amongst some of the world’s best and it also shows that they can paint in both big and small scales without missing a beat.

Also showing in conjunction with this show, the gallery featured artwork from New York based graffiti artist Daze. Entitled The Grey Scale, his exhibit featured a variety of works that touch upon an era in which graffiti was more common amongst train tracks and railways. The paintings featured a texture and even real life objects such as a mask which mimicked the artwork hanging on the walls.

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How & Nosm


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