While AM and local art-lovers are enjoying the public murals (like the one seen above in-progress from DAL) that come along with the annual¬†POW WOW event, others from around the world can only experience it through the photos and videos posted online. They now are hoping to supplement this with the production of an official book and film. “The book will contain high resolution photos of all the completed murals, covering all major POW WOW 2013¬†satellite events, with sketches and interviews by artists and Pow Wow organizers. This year’s event will be documented on film from opening showcase to the closing finale, including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage on the participants’ experiences and into the minds of internationally renowned artists as they create art from the starting concept to the finished piece.”

Take look at the event’s organizer Jasper Wong and filmmaker Mikey Inouye as they explain the project in the video below. Then, head over to kickstarter to learn more details as well as to support them with donations.

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