As evidenced by such events as the closing of mega bookstores, the shuttering of print shops, the bankruptcy of newspapers, and the gradual transition of reading to ebooks, tablets, and smartphones, physical print is dying a slow and painful death. With high tech digital products spreading into the homes and hands of nearly everyone around the globe, it takes with it the mandatory need to apply ink on paper.

Posters were once a important and necessary form of disseminating information to the public at large, but today, there is a greater chance that the glossy offset you are standing in front of is an advertisement and the effectiveness of said poster is especially mitigated when you are quickly driving by it. This is the case with car-obsessed LA, where walking is not really an option. This Will Destory That!, a group exhibition opening Feb 15, 7pm at Design Matters, explores the relationship between the City of Angels and the poster, seeking to examine  meaning, place, and relevance. Artists include Pae White (whose work is pictured above), Sean Donahue, Jon Sueda, Anja Groten, Simon Johnston, and more.