D*Face (interviewed) is putting the finishing touches to his fast approaching show at Stolenspace this week. New World Disorder will feature a series of all-new work, with an emphasis on consumer and social issues, from the pop culture jammer. Our friend Ian Cox visited D’s studio recently and caught the artist in the final throes of preparation of work for the show. The exhibition looks like a strong body of work and further development of some of the themes and items that we’ve seen him using recently, such as WW2 helmets, bats, skate decks and other curios alongside his blend of comic book/Lichtenstein-infused social commentary. This show marks the end of an era for StolenSpace Gallery – a place we’ve visited many times in the past, and coincidentally, run by D*Face and his cohorts – as it is the last exhibition they are holding in the Brick Lane space before they move onto a new location.