NYC nonprofit art space Art in General currently has an excellent exhibition by Letha Wilson, entitled Landmarks and Monuments. The show consists mostly of Wilson’s photo-based sculptures—many of which were created and installed specifically for the site. In the center of the gallery, a floor-to-ceiling photograph of a moonrise curves around one of the space’s support columns. On one side of the room, an image of a tree is pressed into the drywall with a two-by-four. And across, a Southwestern landscape is installed over a window, with semicircular cut-outs to let the light shine through. Most of the other works are interactions between photographs and concrete: For example, images transferred to corrugated concrete tondos, or prints laid on top of concrete and then peeled off to distort the emulsion. Wilson is very clever at both manipulating images of the environment and at creating an environment, and in one piece, she even highlights the nature already present in the environment, by shaving down a support column to expose the wood underneath. Landmarks and Monuments is on view through the end of June.