Revealing the hidden delights of “The Invisible Man”, Eli Klein Fine Art will soon bring Liu Bolin through a tour of New York, the first time exhibiting in the US since Art Asia in Miami last December for the Beijing-based artist. Opening Sunday, June 29th, the exhibition will highlight some of the Chinese performance artist’s more recent works from his ongoing Hiding In The City series, most currently manifest with the Hiding in Italy exhibition at Forma Centro Internazionale Di Fotografia in Milan.

Captured as photographs and produced as limited chromogenic prints, Bolin has mastered the art of blending into one’s surroundings, ultimately generating work that is visually loaded. Yet, as an artist who was part of the generation raised in the rubble of Chinese cultural revolution, the conceptual underpinnings of a person attempting to camouflage with their environment and convey their message in an under the radar fashion are even more compelling in the wake of his government’s arrest and detention of Ai Weiwei and other artists and activists. The process by which he pulls off the chameleon-like deception with such photorealistic accuracy is enough to blow minds. So it’s exciting that the exhibition will also provide an opportunity for the artist to utilize iconic New York landmarks for a Hiding In New York series of works to be released later in the fall.

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