A little while back we brought you a preview of some of the work for Word Play, hosted at Design Matters Gallery in Los Angeles. The premise of the exhibition excited us as the curated theme was based around text within art. The group exhibition was curated by Stephanie Chefas, of Platinum Cheese blog fame and features a variety of artists from very different backgrounds but all commonly using text in their work though a range of styles and mediums. Ben Venom (above), Shawn Huckins, Greg Lamarche, Gregory Siff, Meg Hitchcock, Meryl Patakyand RERO all contributed work to the show.

The exhibition is well presented with some visually stunning examples of work from this varied but cohesive grouping and is on view through July 27th. A must see in person if you are in the Los Angeles area – we have some pictures, courtesy of the curator, from the opening below.