Chinese artist DALeast (interviewed), was back in Rochester, NY, last week. Almost exactly one year since last time he visited the city (covered), he once again left a recognizable mural for the Wall Therapy festival. This time, he worked on a big 6 meters high wall by 30 meters long approximately, and created an image that fits beautifully with his dynamic 3D style. This image of an eagle taking off and picking up the wave, while the boat that is almost capsized by it looks like it’s taking off as well, is unique for him because of so many moving parts. While the South Africa-based artist usually paints simple images, this particular piece shows off his signature line work and characteristic spray strokes quite well. The wings of the eagle, the smooth lines of the wave, the little drops tearing the top of it, pops off of the wall making it look like it’s moving in front of your eyes. If you’re in the area, check out all the other murals that were made this year by other artists such as Gaia, Faith47, Connor Harrington, Ever, etc.

Photo credit: Mark Deff

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