New Zealand artist Askew is currently showing at the Inner State Gallery in Detroit. For Entropy, the artist created a new coherent body of work using splatters, expressive strokes, and bright colors on a black background. Over 80 paintings of different sizes were created with acrylic and spray paint on plexi glass or glass. The images are mostly portraits and abstract explosion looking pieces done a technique that is strongly influenced by his graffiti background. Due to his signature style, his portraits are much more dynamic & deep, and are actually more focused on the inner portrait of a person, rather than outside looks. He states:  “The portrait is the closed-system device used to represent the formation of immense entities of barely contained energy that have reached an entropic state, only moments from encountering a cataclysmic event.” The show is on view until 19th of September, so make sure you check it out if you’re in Motor City.

Photo credit: Sal Rodriguez.