Back in the 90s, Ron English and Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada were pioneering the street art movement (that was not even conceptualized) with their own private clan of “art fux,” modifying billboard, street signs with clever adverts. Once again, at this years Avant Garde Urbano they were making big things happen. English kept his cans shaking on his 30’x 20′ piece, utilizing every color in the palette that MTN so graciously had to offer, in the hot Tudela sun, while Rodriguez-Gerada was fresh off his wish project and hanging one of the largest works in the stellar museum opening that AM will be unveiling in the coming days, also featuring the likes of Vhils, C215,  Ripo, Sixeart, SUSO33Evan RothFilippo Minelli, Buenos Aires Stencil and more.

Photo credit: Manuel Bello and Ian Cox (front image).
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