Danish artist, graffiti writer and illustrator, HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName in Danish), recently released a book of drawings – Offline. The title of the book is the artist’s response to the trend of our life moving into the online realm, with help of virtual communication and social networks.

A book release was held on the 15th November at Schaefer Grafisk in Copenhagen where 92 original drawings featured in a book were exhibited and available. HuskMitNavn spent most of 2013 working on these drawings using heliography aka a direct copy technique with no computer technology involved. These drawings were shared through the year on his Instagram profile, and present “a mix of everyday incidents seen from odd angles and other twisted ideas from the corners of the artist’s mind.” With a special accent on computer technology, social networks and the their influence on our life, these drawings are a classic example of HuskMitNavn’s sense of humor and critique of the world we are living in. Very simple and always on point, they cover wide range of subjects and scenarios, from Gandalf at the fitness center, to a dinner couple instagramming their dinner, and a middle aged graffiti writer on the loose. The book is now available for international purchase at CharlotteFogh.dk.

HuskMitNavn’s signature work was born on the streets of Copenhagen, it evolved into books and magazines, and than spread through the world via numerous shows at international galleries. His witty observations of the pop culture, the graffiti world, and every day life, already got the artist a cult status in his homeland, and is getting more and more recognized abroad. After this release, the artist is back in his studio working on new body of work for his upcoming solo show in December at Ruttkowski;68 in Germany.

Discus HuskMitNavn here.