Paris-based online gallery released a lithograph edition by the Polish artist Sainer, who together with Bezt, form the infamous Etam Cru. Coinciding with the opening of his sold out solo show in Paris (covered), this was a true fine art release from the young artist. Limited to only 50 pieces, all signed and numbered by Sainer, this edition was created at the Idem Studio in Paris.

Founded back in 1852 and famous for their old school approach and quality, Idem studio was one of the Paris’ best kept art secrets. Recently they started collaborating with urban and street artists, so the same presses that used to print editions by Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Chagall, and more are now printing works by JR, Ludo and most recently, Os Gemeos. Using 100% handmade cotton paper and hand-prepared paint, their production strictly follows the rules and tradition of fine art editions.

Sainer’s Sweet Dreams print is a 7 color lithograph, measuring 76 x 58 cm (29.9 x 22.8 inches), and comes stamped both by PrintThemAll and Idem studio, as well as signed and numbered by the artist. The image features a profile of a female character, which is a common theme in Sainer’s work, blowing a chewing gum bubble. Featuring aspects of Etam Cru’s signature style, the image feels heavily color manipulated, with very strong red and yellow tones, which gives a warm, vintage, almost underwater feel. It also includes some of their recognizable elements such as patterns, crown, cake, and of course, dissolving and dripping imagery.

After releases by Fidia Falashetti, Inti and L’Atlas, this was the 4th print coming from this young project, and they are already working on finalizing their upcoming release – a hand finished lithograph by French stencil artist, C215.\

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