British artists Roid and Insa are part of “team England” at this year’s Pow! Wow! Hawaii,  working on an impressive and unusual collaboration. The two are creating another piece in Insa’s ongoing series of moving GIF-ITI’s, which features the interesting concept of creating street art that comes to life when put online in the form of animated gif. Taking full advantage of the strong connection between street art and internet, gif-iti’s are literally giving a new dimension to flat and static graffiti works. AM spent some time with the artists, watching them create four different frames of this impressive piece in the hot Hawaiian sun, so check out these process photos until we all wait for the reveal of the completed animated GIF. Also, make sure you check out the limited edition prints both artist released through 1xRun for their POW! WOW! 2104 Featured Artists Series.

Photos credit: saL.
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