Waone, a member of Interesni Kazki (interviewed) together with AEC, recently spent some time in the South India. Known for his love for travels and appreciating ancient cultures and traditions, the Ukrainian artist left an unusual mark in this remote part of the world. The mural he created is not as nearly as big or complex as the other walls we’re used to seeing  from this duo, but the message behind it is very powerful. Titled Time For Change, this mural is strongly affected by the worrying situation in his homeland and his city of Kiev. The protests that started back in November 2013 are stronger than before, and the cold winter weather, combined with brutal ways that the government is dealing with protesters are bringing the situation on the verge of a boiling point – and this is what Waone wanted to show in this piece.

The main image of the mural is a sand clock painted in colors of Ukranian flag – blue over yellow. With blue symbolizing chaos, and yellow symbolizing divine order, this image is suggesting it is nearly end of 18 year long unrest thats been taking place. Next to it is a stork holding a country flag, with its colors being reversed, symbolizing the free people of Ukraine, opposing the red & green serpent that is holding a police bat, obviously symbolizing the government forces. Creating this mural in such faraway place was Waone’s way to get the world’s attention to what is happening in his hometown and his homeland, behind the cameras of the mass media.

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