Ernest Zacharevic recently took park in an art residency in Barcelona (previewed) during which he painted some public works, as well as created new works and installations for his Rock, Paper, Scissors! solo show at Montana Gallery, his first solo show on the old continent.

Working on found objects and thoughtfully mixing his painting skills with urban, graffiti elements done with spray can, the Lithuanian artist’s pieces are bursting with playfulness and positive energy. The imagery mostly consists of children playing, but that theme can range from innocent games to handling weapons or other dangerous “toys.” Based usually on photos he takes Malaysia where he has been living and working for the last couple of years, the paintings from Zacharevic are not only immortalizing these random people, but also the happy and playful moments they were caught in. Along with creating  the individual pieces for the show, and introducing his upcoming edition of hand finished prints, Ernest connected them with a site specific installation he created inside gallery space. By using actual three dimensional objects together with his wall pieces, which is another signature characteristic of his work, he brings his images to life. 

The show opened on 21st of March, and will stay on view all the way until 4th of May, so make sure you check out these beautiful works in person if you’re visiting Barcelona.

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