Urban Nation is a Berlin-based organization whose aim is to bring together and connect the creative voices of the cities around the globe in a non-profit public space and to help shape the future of urban art, communities, neighborhoods and city planning. They are currently running an interesting arts program in their hometown, titled Project M. The goal is to improve the face of neighborhood as well as push creativity and connect people, by engaging them in different actions and events organized inside and around a prominent residential building in Berlin, while it is being reconstructed.

Recently, the project entered their third phase which was curated by Norwegian street and urban art festival Nuart. The experienced team of one of the biggest and most recognizable street art events put together a roster that includes the legendary US photojournalist Martha Cooper (seen above), Lithuanian native Ernest Zacharevic, Norwegians Martin Whatson and Dot Dot Dot, the Australian Rone, master of tape art Buffdis, Berlin-based Evol, and many more. Together, they created site specific artworks that will be displayed until the launch of the next phase in May. Creating a colorful cover for the building that is being renovated, the works brighten up the area as well as invites passer-bys and residents alike to engage with the building and the project.

Photo credit: Henrik Haven.