Spanish artist Pejac whose diverse works we introduced recently (Art Focus), just announced a release of his limited edition print. The large image titled Sepukku is features a silhouette of a Japanese samurai, performing Seppuku or Hara-Kiri, a form of ritual suicide by disembowelment, by using a Sakura branch (cherry blossoms). This image was originally created as an acrylic and oil on canvas, and painted with a minimalist color palette, one of the artist’s signature elements. By combining the blooming flowers as a symbol of spring and birth of new life, with a stomach-cutting capital punishment, the artist created a strong image elicits a emotive response from the viewer.

Both the original canvas and the screenprint edition quite accurately present traditional Japanese ink illustrations and calligraphy techniques, which is even further emphasized by the hand finished details. By using watercolor ,the artist hand painted all the flowers, which makes each of these 40.15 x 28.74 inches prints unique. Releasing in a limited edition of 70 pieces, Sepukku will be available on Wednesday May 28th at 6PM CET (12PM EST) at

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