Dutch artist Daan Botlek has recently moved to Germany and after a few weeks of life in one of the street art’s capitals, he picked up his tools and went painting in public again. Recently, he was wandering around the abandoned Wuhlheide train station in Berlin, looking for interesting spots to paint. For the ones familiar with his public works, his interventions hugely depend on the environment and the possibilities of the location. He often uses architectural elements in order to create simple illusions, making his super flat and simple pieces very dimensional. The abandoned building gave him the idea to make a sequence of images, and create a sort of story line of characters trying to escape. After five days of painting the characters hiding around empty hallways, climbing stairs, helping each other, and finally jumping off the building, he shared this great project online.

Currently, he is in Hamburg for the Millerntor Gallery’s Millerntor Gallery #4 event. In June, he is doing a residency in Oranienbaum at the Ampelhaus. He also has some projects coming up in Rotterdam, Leipzig, Mulhouse, Fürstenfeld, and probably Bangkok again.