On June 7th, fans of Lori Earley will finally get to enjoy new work from the surrealist figurative painter when her solo show opens at the Opera Gallery in New York. The exhibition will feature 34 new paintings as well as print releases, Earley’s biggest show to date and sure to be a bittersweet experience for her. The title, The Devil’s Pantomime, references the years of frustration and struggles with her health that almost robbed her of her painting ability.

She explains: “I felt like I was in a living hell for the past five years – hence the title of this show. The Devil’s Pantomime is a glimpse into the isolation, pain and frustration I went through while I was creating these new pieces. I want to dedicate this show to my family, friends and fans. I also want to spread awareness to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, because all of these surgeries could have been prevented had someone properly diagnosed me. Surprisingly, I figured out on my own what I had through years of research and it was confirmed by four top geneticists. Had I not found out on my own, I wouldn’t be painting now.

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