AM recently attended the much anticipated opening for Israel Lund at Lower East Side’s David Lewis Gallery. The eponymously┬ánamed solo includes both his signature silkscreened canvas paintings along with a new series of sculptures which center around one of his core tools – the silkscreen.

As the title suggests, this is Israel Lund presenting his take on Israel Lund, but unlike self-titled shows that we’ve experienced in the past, this exhibition seems to be the artist conducting an impression of himself. From his enlarged silkscreens stretched into sculptures that are sized to human height to the paintings that have grown in size to seemingly encompass four smaller sized paintings in various styles we’ve seen this past year, this showing seem to push and pull on what the audience and the artist view of what Israel Lund is and does in the world of art. Stop by this very enjoyable show (through July 27) that showcases the growth of the artist in just one year since his last exhibition in New York with at Eleven Rivington.

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