Last week, Eleven Rivington¬†(11 Rivington Street location)¬†unveiled a new body of work from Brooklyn-based artist Israel Lund. This intriguing exhibition showcases Lund’s interesting viewpoint and technique. His creative process often starts as an image of nothing, which he then repeatedly silkscreens and forces ink onto the null area. He then manipulates the image by enlarging, degrading or distorting it systematically thus eventually creating something out of nothing. Through this process, Lund extrapolates a unique yet repetitive aspect for each series he creates.¬†Utilizing the CMYK colors, he transforms each painting from iteration to iteration, yet they still resemble each others like a copy with a different soul (think mutation of an animal species which looks oddly familiar, but feels different).

We also enjoyed the way the paintings were hung in the main room with the backs to the front windows. The sun shines on the back of the stretchers, thus creating another aspect as you view the paintings from the inside of the gallery as you catch a hint of light coming through to further enhance the subtle colors and textures on each painting. Check out a detailed look below at this great show.

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