Ernest Zacharevic recently did a month long art residency in Ipoh, Malaysia. During his stay in town, the Lithuanian born artist created several beautiful murals blending his works with old, worn out walls.

With the new work, he focused on local people and their way of life, most noticeable in the Never Mine piece. Painted with black paint only and featuring the local landscape with people working in the fields, this effort was accepted extremely well by the locals. Along with his signature imagery showing kids at play, and incorporating objects in his work, the artist also painted one of his largest portraits so far. Also, one of the pieces that paid respect to area’s tradition and love for coffee showed an elderly man with a cup of coffee. Finally, a more conceptual, large piece titled Nothing Lasts Forever features the local practice of having coffee-to-go poured in a plastic bag.

After this trip, the artist is back in his studio working on the upcoming group show by in which he is taking part in.

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