After visiting South hemisphere (covered), Phlegm is back in Europe and back to painting more exceptional murals. Recently he visited Sweden, and took part in the ongoing Artscape festival happening in Malmö.

Being up for challenges, London-based artist took on creating a new piece on this tall narrow wall, despite all its architectural elements standing in the way of allowing a clean surface to work on. By cleverly using its form, and these elements, he created this effective piece. Painting only with black and white color, and staying true to his illustrative detailed style without using any depth “tricks,” he managed to achieve enviable perspective effect. Showing his familiar characters climbing up the building with a help of their giant friends, ropes and makeshift ladders, he once again gave us a peek inside of his rich surrealist imagination. Like all his work, this mural features numerous lines and patterns which he is almost obsessively focused on in his work, no matter if painting with ink or spray paint.

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