From 13 July until 15th of July, RexRomae Gallery will be showcasing a group show show during SCOOP International at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery and Phillips. Featuring 12 well-known street artists from around the globe, this event will be the first time these all will exhibit their work together.

With pieces created especially for this expo, the show will feature brand new work by Alexis Diaz, Askew, Borondo, Fintan Magee, Martin Whatson, 2501, and more. All being artists that have created numerous murals and installations around the globe, each unique in their style and ways of creating. From Alexis Diaz’s peculiar ink brush linework, Whatson’s recognizable stencil work, Borondos unique scratching techniques, to 2501’s abstract geo murals and installations, each of these artists slowly but surely paved their way from the alleys and streets into galleries and beyond. With invitations to collaborate with such brands as Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Marc Jacobs or Hermes, their namesĀ and work is yet to be introduced to the wider audience and further evolve through this moving 3D form of art that is fashion. In that way, this event is a finalĀ call to see their work in their raw, original form outside their original environment – the streets.