For those who like to plan ahead, on September 11th this year, Wayne White will be opening a new show at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York. Entitled Invisible Ruler, the new body of work will include his signature word paintings as well as works on paper he created during a residency at the Rauschenberg Foundation. Rounding out the show will be a series of his 15 foot kinetic sculptures, hand constructed from cardboard, highlighting some of the skills he learned during his work on production design for Pee-wee’s Playhouse for which he has won three Emmy Awards.

The Los Angeles-based artists explains – “Everything you try as an artist sticks with you and is in your work, and I’ve tried a lot—cartooning, illustration, set design, puppeteering, animation, sign painting, etc. It all still reverberates in the work I’ve done as a fine artist. [Invisible Ruler] is my 14-year investigation into the confluence of words and images, my ongoing love of drawing on paper, and the relics of my trips across the country creating fun-house puppet and sculptural installations.”

In association with the exhibition, a special screening of White’s documentary Beauty is Embarrassing will show at the gallery on September 10th, with a Q&A following the film with the director Neil Berkeley and the artist.

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