Following his group shows in the US and recent installation at the Toulouse Museum in France, we visited the cabinet of curiosities of lowbrow artist 100taur in Toulouse ahead of his upcoming solo show ‘Monsters in my closet’ at the Artoyz gallery in Paris. The French artist’s work is multidisciplinary and his creativity expands from graffiti, paintings, drawings, engraving to sculpture, installations and taxidermy. His sources of inspiration come from Greek mythology, hybrid creatures like Chiron, known for his kindness, knowledge and skills with medicine, but also Japanese culture and sci-fi and horror films. Passionate about the natural world, 100taur also studies and breeds insects that he draws in detail. The artist’s fantastic world is full of happy monsters, multi-eyed slugs and hybrid creatures that seem to be floating and dancing within an onieric universe, while some pop classics like Sponge Bob are reinterpreted with his own personal touch.

The show runs from 16 October to 15 November.

Photo credit: Butterfly